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The volume of information contained on this site can prove to be alittle overwhelming,particularly for those who are new to this kind of subject matter.I would like to recommend three documentaries which should,after viewing in order,help you absorb the content of this site and other sites which i provide links to. The documentaries are free to watch so, get comfortable and prepare to have your eyes opened. Loose Change,Terrorstorm then Endgame ....

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The story of your enslavement


Breaking news (being compiled..thanks for your patience)

In a propaganda piece reeking of US Triumphalism, two alleged journalists, Adam Goldman and Chris Brummitt, of the Associated Press or, rather, of the White House Ministry of Truth, write, or copy off a White House or CIA press release that ÔÇťOsama bin Laden, the terror mastermind killed by Navy SEALs in an intense firefight, was hunted down based on information first gleaned years ago (emphasis added) from detainees at secret CIA prison sites in Eastern Europe, officials disclosed Monday Read Full Story Here
> Equality group takes racist BNP to court over ethnic exclusion
Government allows staff to abuse privacy laws
Biometrics system for foreign students
Internet firms condemn “unwarranted” invasion of people’s privacy
Immigrants face high-tech scans
ID cards and the snooper state
Freedom of Information Act to be extended
Stop the War Coalition barred from Downing Street
DNA of thousands of innocent people held by police
IBM to build UK fingerprints database
Food is Power and the Powerful are Poisoning Us
Afghan alcohol ban after Nato staff were 'too hungover' to give explanation for airstrike that killed 70 civilians

What Exactly Did the Fed Do with $2 Trillion????

The United States of Plutocracy

Chinese Scientists Filmed UFO For 40 Minutes

A Skull that Rewrites the History of Man

Heroic Holistic Cancer Doctor Passes Away (No - Not of Cancer!)

Destitute Indian Farmers Selling Wives

Iowa Contemplating Forced Confinement in a Quarantine Facility

Farmers in Big Trouble

It's the Vaccines, Stupid!

An Excellent Analysis of Climate Change

Minnesota Flu Cops

Mothers' Act Disease Mongering in Rabid Force
Doctors Had Central Role in CIA Abuse
Delay of Climate Legislation is not Failure - It's Necessary
FOX News Poll: Majority of Respondents Think Vaccine More Deadly Than Swine Flu
Global War and Dying Democracy
CIA Refuses To Reveal More Torture Info
Too Much Government Fueling Anger
Obama Sending Killers For Hire to Afghanistan
UN Special Report on Gaza
Line Between Blind Beliefs and Government Blurs Again

Wake Up, America! Medical Fascism is Here
Real U.S. Unemployment Rate 16%

Contact Point : What you should know
WeAreChange LA Questions VicePresident of the U.S.A. Biden on 9/11 and Nano-thermite
Russian nuclear battle cruiser heads for Venezuela
Culture Shock: U.S.A. vs. South America
Tasers: Not Just For People Any More
Alaskans Speak In A Frightened Whisper - Palin is Racist, Sexist, Vindictive and Mean
Quiz: Palen or Bush?
Cancer Linked to Obesity in New Study
An Inconvenient Truth Exaggerated Sea Level Rise
Bank Tied To John McCain's Son Goes Under
Markets Drowning in U.S. Dollars Seek Gold
Journalist Arrests at RNC
Zoning Approves Blackwater Range in Illinois Town
Kremlin Watchers Warn of Direct U.S./Russia Clash
VIDEO Angry Consumers Boycott AT&T After Congress Grants Immunity
Will Putin Bait U.S. With Nuclear Aid to Iran?
Secret Service Confiscates Books and Buttons from Ron Paul Delegates
Fake Soldiers Used in RNC Video
Storm Devastated Haitians Starving on Rooftops
Protests Not Allowed - 200 Arrested at RNC
Soldiers' Suicide Rates Setting Record
House Price Crash Goes Global
Japanese Hospital Workers to Wear "Bird Flu" Suits
Cheney Colleage Admits to Bribery in Halliburton Deals
Artificial Clouds May Spell Disaster for Environment
Pakistan Enraged Over U.S. Attack
Get Ready For September Surprise
Black Ops Psychic Warriors Among Us
Merck Suspends Lobbying For HPV Vaccine
How Bush Inspired A New World Order
Palin Will Not Do Interviews - Speeches Only


We The People Will Not Be Chipped-Resistance is NOT futile , we will NOT be assimilated

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